The Russian company offered $10mln to the Game of Thrones for the final episode
iDrink Ltd, which promotes its namesake mobile application that allows to receive free drinks, has sent a commercial offer to HBO. The letter proposes to reshoot the last, sixth episode of the Game of Thrones and include the iDrink brand in the scenes with Dornish Red and Arbor Gold wine.
The product placement of the famous coffee shops chain (the notorious coffee cup goof) in the fourth series of the Game of Thrones prompted the management of iDrink to quickly write a letter to the executives of HBO who created the series. The letter was sent by e-mail and express courier service to HBO Chairman Robert Greenblatt and executive producers of the series David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.

Vadim Kamashev, the founder of iDrink, said: "We offered the creators of the Game of Thrones a wonderful deal: to re-shoot several scenes in the last series in which the characters enjoy the Dornish Red and Arbor Gold wine and add the iDrink logo to the doors of those halls in which the heroes celebrate their victory. Product placement of iDrink on such occasion would be more appropriate than that of a coffee shop. After all, we help our customers to drink more and for free, just like the characters of the show do in almost every episode."

"Considering that HBO has already deleted a coffee cup from the scene published on its website, the amount of $10 million proposed by us will certainly cover all the costs of re-shooting several scenes and their respective post-production. There is still enough time before the release of the series' finale," - said Kirill Alexandrov, iDrink general director.

The company is confident that such advertising investment in the highly anticipated final episode of the Game of Thrones will pay off thanks to the income from the distribution of the application and that it will also attract the attention of new investors to the iDrink app.

iDrink is an application aggregator of compliments from restaurants, bars and cafes, operating in Russia since September 2017. Currently more than 550 partnered venues in Moscow and Saint Petersburg are connected to the application, more than 700 complimentary drinks are available to the subscribers of the app. Subscribing to iDrink is free. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are provided as a complimentary gift along with the main order.

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May 8, 2019

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